To be a Church faithful, united and visible through words and deeds


The church is a body that emanates as a result of our faith in Christ hence, our values are based on the example of Christ and an exploration of what are some of the critical issues within ELCIN that needs to be emphasized.

  • Accountability and Responsibility -We believe in commitment to duty and service delivery fully responsible for our actions
  • Transparency & Equal opportunity – We shall strive to treat all without favor or discrimination
  • Unity of Action: We cherish participatory approach to work and uphold team building
  • Loyalty: we nurture a supportive environment for all people
  • Integrity: through truthfulness, sincerity and honesty in our thoughts
  • Innovation and relevance:  We encourage new ideas that contribute towards enhancing our church ministries, while exercising our God given gifts and talents to challenge existing practices and strive to find ways for continued improvement
  • Dignity: everyone is valuable and should be treated with respect
  • Punctuality: We value our time
  • Courtesy and helpfulness: our service to God translates to how we help and support the Namibian community
  • Respect: we encourage respect in all of our interactions
  • Honesty: we strive for moral correctness